Friday, February 9, 2018

Goodbye January

Well the month of January for the year 2018 has come and gone, in what feels like a blink of an eye. I do wish that my progress from the protocol was happening as quickly. My calcium is still high, not over the threshold, but bumping right up against it. For that reason I am still taking significantly reduced amounts of vitamin d. I mentioned previously that I was adding PectaClear. I will acknowledge that the first couple of times it left my legs feeling like the were encased in lead. Walking was so difficult, and I fatigued significantly faster. After a month the experience is different. I am not sure if this is because I am getting accustomed to PectaClear, or maybe it is being effective, and the heavy metals are being removed from my system. So without the lessening of these undesired compounds in my system, my body feels negativity because of the PectaClear. I have also added Disolvatol in response to the kidney stone. I am also hopeful that this will help reduce the calcium levels in my blood. I was supposed to have a doctors appointment that had to be rescheduled because of an unexpected event on his part. So no date yet when that will happen. When it does I will request for the some tests to monitor how my calciums levels are currently. Hopefully they continue to decrease so that I can slowly increase my levels of vitamin d. I am trying to be patient and remain hopeful, but it is difficult when one is not noticing any improvements, or reason to be excited. I have been timing my walk from the car to the office in the morning and from the office back to the car in the evenings. Trying to use this as an indication of how I am doing, how things are progressing. Something a bit more measurable than my saying I am "feeling good". For the past month my times I have higher than I would have liked. While not my worse times, usually 15-20 seconds slower than what I would have called my previous "normal" times. Last night I was 20 seconds faster in the evening than my morning time. It was the first time in over a month my time was back within my previous "normal" range. I am really curious to see the time next week. Was this an aberration,  or will times remain in the previous range. Better yet, will the time to continue to decease, giving me a positive indication that I want, need.

Friday, January 12, 2018

hoping the best for the new year

Well we are nearly two weeks into the new year, already. So I completed my first blood test, and unfortunately my calcium score increased to 10.1. So while its still in the "normal" range, it moved in the wrong direction, and is vey close to the upper limit of the range, 10.2. So a little disheartened and frustrated as I am really trying to do everything correctly, and yet my scores are going in the wrong direction. This was with only 30k of vitamin D, so very far away from desired amount of about 80k that it seems will be required for my body to really improve from the protocol. So after a temporary frustration and being down, now trying to figure out what else can be done to lower my calcium score as  stopping the protocol is not an option. In addition, taking this small dosage is not really helping me get better. Sure, it might be preventing me from getting worse, but that's not the same thing as getting better, getting a quality of life back. So while I had the disappointment of the lab work, I did receive my shipment of magnesium and PectaClear. The day after taking it, I have noticed that my legs feel so much heavier, and my walk is slower, much more difficult. I have looked in the groups, and other people have noticed something similar, being told that is an indication that it is actually working, doing something. I am not sure if that really is the case as it is too early to notice any differences. I will remain hopeful that this feeling are because of something positive happening, moving me one step closer to getting better. I cannot really think of anything else of significance to share.  So let's see what the next lab work shows, and wha new challenges and obstacles there will be to conquered while on the protocol. Thankfully I think I have stopped losing weight, but it seems that I am regaining it slower than I would like, unfortunately.

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 in review

As I was researching the protocol I was able to find plenty of testimonials about how well someone was doing after being on the protocol, typically for years. Unfortunately, none of these included a depiction before starting, or updates showing improvements while one the protocol. providing this type of information was one of my main motivations for this blog. Giving some insight of the starting point and the journey, just the final outcome. Admittedly, I have not done a very good job sharing the bad ties, my difficulties. It has been brought to my attention that this doing more harm than good. People need to understand when they are having a bad day, a rough time, that they are not alone. That while it might not be desirable, the rough times are a typical, unavoidable, part of the protocol. That it is only temporary, that the final goal is still obtainable. 

So here are some of the videos I took during showing how I walked.. Some days are better than others. Once again, I am trying to stay positive, optimistic about 2018.

Before started the protocol

First month

The second month

The third month

Month Four

The next month

End of year

So there is a glimpse of 2017. Once again, trying to document the before and during of the protocol for others trying to learn more about the protocol. So here is hoping that next year the videos will include a little less of a limp, increase stability and a faster pace.

Happy New Year

Amazingly another month has passed since my last update. There are some positive things that have happened between back then and now. My latest blood work showed that my calcium levels were back within the acceptable range. Sure, in the high part of the range, but back within acceptable levels. So Michael has started me back on the protocol, gradually. At the same time, even with the year that I have been on the protocol there have been some modifications. As the medical professionals participating, as well as the number of MS patients, additional knowledge is obtained. When I started the target level for Vitamin D was 3,000 units per kilo. Now, that new level seems to be no more than 1,000 per kilo. While the Vitamin D is a critical component to the protocol, it seems that maybe the B2 was over estimated and that Magnesium was more important than originally believed. It is very possible that in 2019 I will be posting something completely different as more is learned, and more individuals get a sense of normalcy because of the protocol.

Previously Michael suggested that I take something called PectaClear:
In the past I decided against because I do not feel that it would really be beneficial
for me. Admittedly, the cost of the product was a factor in my decision to not use. It is not cheap. So why am I going to try it now? I'll try to explain. When I started the protocol, there were immediate improvements, some of them very obvious to others that were not even aware that I was doing the protocol. So not only did I feel things were getting better for me, others were making comments that confirmed whatI was feeling. I was certain by this time I would be feeling and doing much better than I am currently.  I understand, accept, and truly believe that there are good and bad days on the protocol. That does explain why I am feeling that I am actually worse off now than I was a year ago. At the same time, I need to remind myself that I was off the protocol for over 2 months, which is significant. So now I am going to follow almost all of Michael's recommendations. It does not make sense to be frustrated or disappointed with the results when I am not willing to follow all of the advice. I say almost because there might be suggestions that I decide against. t this time, that is not the case. I am actually thinking that my not taking PectaClear previously was a mistake. The other day Michael sent me an article about the importance of probiotics for helping MS patients. I read it, and thought to myself that it was interesting. He even included a suggestion for me to purchase and take. I shelved it into my memory for later. For starters I do not like making too many changes at once. It makes it difficult to determine what was the reason when something improves, and more importantly the item to avoid because of the negative impact. Ironically, last night I remembered something significant. As I stated earlier, when I started the protocol, there were significant immediate improvements. When, at that time Michael has me taking probiotics because he felt that it would help get my weight back down. He felt that I was carrying too much weight for my frame in general, keep in mind that he is more of a nutrition specialist. He believed that losing the weight would also help my walk. As the weight came off, I stopped the probiotics. Maybe the significance in including probiotics in the protocol, at least for myself, may be one of those things that is not yet fully understood. So I will still stick with the PectaClear, but I will be sure to keep the probiotics in the front of my mind.

So while I am not happy with where I am currently physically, I am trying to remain hopeful and optimistic. Admittedly, it is difficult and I am not always successful...but I am trying and will keep trying. Here is hoping that 2018 is a great year for everyone, especially for those on the protocol. 2018 is going to be a smashing year!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Saga continues, just not as I hoped..

Well here we are in December, and I have been off the protocol for an extended period of time because of the calcium levels contained within my blood. i understand why it has been necessary for me to take this break from the protocol. Recovering from  battle with MS is significant, but my health is important as well. So the first break brought the calcium levels down to 10.3, with 10.2 being the upper limits for high. I agreed with Michael when he suggested that I continue to remain off the protocol for an additional two weeks, which would would hopefully bring the calcium levels even lower. My lab work was scheduled for the 17th of December. Yes, that would be a little more than two weeks, but my doctor here was hesitant to write me more lab work so quickly. Well, I was impatient, and found a clinic in town that wold do the lab work for a nominal fee. The clinic here take 2 days before I can get my results, and that is only possible through my doctor. This clinic in town, had my results posted for my to view on the internet that same afternoon. So much easier, unfortunately, my calcium levels rose again. It took some investigating, but it turns out that the neetle that I was taking to help treat my kidney and bladder contains significant amount of calcium. Avoiding calcium if far more complicated than one might thing. So know, hopefully the lab work will show that my calcium score is once again acceptable. So while I am disappointed that this break from the protocol continues, there are some silver linings.

1) Have located an additional clinic  to complete my lab work, one that I can obtain the results without assistance from others.

2) If I had continued with the nettle util the 17th, who knows how high my calcium score would have been

3) While the pain has returned/increased, my balance is less, and walking has become more difficult during this break...I am taking all of this as an indication that the protocol has been effective for me.

So I need to be patent, and diligent in avoiding any additional source of calcium. I am really looking forward to resuming the protocol once again. Remaining hopefully, and I believe that is an important starting point.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Unfortunately, it's been awhile...

Well it has been awhile since my last posting here. There are several reasons for my absence. Partially because I was hoping to have positive, uplifting, encouraging material here. Unfortunately, as I have learned: when things go right with the protocol, they go very right. The opposite is equally true, when things go wrong, they go very wrong. I have actually been off the protocol for over 6 weeks now because of elevated calcium levels in my blood. As a precaution, and to get the number back down to an acceptable level, Michael has instructed me to take a break from the protocol. I am feeling better, and hope that in a couple weeks to have another blood test with results that will let me to resume following the regiment. I will be sure to do a better job of updating this blog.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Taking baby steps

Well here it is now the month of August, so a new month on the protocol. As I mentioned previously, there were some dramatic changes made to to the protocol in July that did not seem to be effective. So I went back to what had worked previously, and now incorporating some of those previously suggested changes, but one at a time.  I am still taking the Vitamin B from Brazil, but now I have included Magnisum Citrate. Previously it was evident fairly quickly that the changes were not having a positive impact. So while it may be too early to say for certain that the addition is having a positive impact, but initially it does seem to be. At the very least, it does not seem to be having any negative affects. This is only the second day of including Citrate as part of the protocol. Hopefully next week I will be able to give a more definitive response to the effectiveness. Other than that, there is not much else to report at this time. Things are just progressing along as well as could be expected. I am still feeling hopeful and optimistic about the protocol and hopefully managing my MS symptoms.