Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Looking forward to May and the days that follow...

Well May is here and having hope once again. I have been struggling with my calcium and creatinine levels. It has been suggested that I tried increasing the quantity of my daily water intake. So I am now trying to do 3 liters of water each day instead of 2.5. So far, this has been successful. I think ending up short when striving for 2.5 was a problem; however, but the additional 0.5 liter gives me a little more wiggle room on those days when I do not obtain the desired goal. It has only been a couple of weeks, but both numbers have gone down. Not substantially, but I am curious to see what it I like after a couple of months, hopefully even better.


So getting my test results back at an acceptable level is the first bit of good news. Another change is I am now working with Dr. Anderson from St. Louis. During our first meeting, which was over an hour, long, he took the time to explain what we would be doing, and why. More importantly, he also described what could be done when the expected results did not happen. In addition, he had me do several tests that I had not done previously, and the results were very encouraging. One of the tests was the ANA, which indicated that I should not require additional quantity of vitamin d for the protocol to be affective. The other was the 24 hour calcium test which revealed that my body is safely able to process the current level over vitamin d, and there is room to increase once again, safely. So I have once increased the amount of vitamin d. I am not yet at the levels where the protocol will be effective, but it does seem like there are benefits to the additional amount. There is some reassurance to having an understanding as to the question “why do much vitamin d?” As Dr. Anderson said, I am once again on the right path, a comment I really believe and feel to be true. As said above, I am once again excited and looking forward to the future. Cross fingers, and let’s see what’s in store for me.

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